Metro 2013-2014 Winter and Summer Flats, Sandals for Women

Footwear are the most common and most sold items in any fashion industry, anyone with limited or open budget would have their hands on new seasonal footwear from any known or unknown brand, best thing about this accessory is that it comes with lots of options and on every shop you will actually find 100s of unique pairs for every season which will mostly have a very good price range.Well today we have the designs of beautiful footwear from Metro and Nadiya Kamal, one is a very old brand and second is newly established brand in Karachi which caters in casuals and flats.
Metro shoes has recently presented their New Arrivals Collection 2012-13 with a high quality fabric, suitable for bridal and winter party footwear. Metro shoes is the oldest and most successful shoes brand in Pakistan. This brand originated from Faisalabad and with in a few years it became the most famous shoe brand in Pakistan. Metro Shoes makes the most stylish and trendy shoes with most classic fit and modern shape. – See more at:

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